Earth Hour: What Are Your Plans?

March 12th, 2011
Steven Howard

Turn Off Your Lights. Take A Stand Against Climate Change.

The annual Earth Hour event is just two weeks away. Have you planned on how you will turn off your lights and all electrical appliances on Saturday March 26th at 8:30pm (your local time)?

Now organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on a global basis, Earth Hour started in Sydney in 2007 when more than two million people and over 2000 businesses simultaneously turned off their lights for an hour.

Within a year Earth Hour became a global movement for sustainability, with over 50 million people in 35 countries participating in 2008. Major landmarks such as San Francisco's famed Golden Gate Bridge, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the CN Tower in Toronto and even the Colosseum in Rome cut their lights for an hour.

This global movement continues to grow in both size and scope. Last year hundreds of millions of people across 128 countries and territories joined in. Lights were turned off in millions of homes around the world, as well as in iconic buildings and landmarks as communities and corporations joined in.

In addition to turning off your lights, you are encouraged to also cut electricity to all of your electrical appliances and devices. This includes turning off your computers, switching off modems, and unplugging all clocks and other devices (DVDs, VCRs, microwaves) powered by electricity that are often left in stand-by mode.

Gather your friends and families to discuss, in the dark, other things you can do to make a difference to reduce the ecological impact of modern society on this planet, as well as your own individual and collective environmental footprints.

After all, it's only for an hour on a Saturday night. But the outcomes can benefit the next generation or two.


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